For Mineral Wealth of Life, Not of Death!

North Kivu Civil Society Support Group for Traceability and Transparency in the Management of Natural Resources

The Support Platform for Traceability, and Transparency in the Management of Natural Resources, known by its French acronym GATT-RN, is a coalition of twelve civil society organizations fighting to transform eastern Congo’s vast mineral wealth into a source of life rather than death. (Photo: Sasha Lezhnev)

Where we work

North Kivu Province, Democratic Republic of Congo

Our Approach

  • Inform local and international policies on mining sector reform in the region
  • Serve as a whistleblower and third-party monitor to hold government and mining authorities accountable
  • Educate and mobilize the public in eastern Congo to advocate for their rights

Our Goal

To end the exploitation of our natural resources and transform the minerals sector into one that promotes development and benefits the people of Congo.